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A Poem About Life

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hi. My name is John Theos. I'm the designer of Barrie's Art website and co-creator of this blog page, and I'd like to be the first one to make a post. For our first blog post, I thought I'd share Barrie's latest poem with you. It's called "Life". I hope you find it very down-to-Earth and truly inspiring, like I did!

"Life is kind of funny it may boot you in the butt and if you don’t behave It may slug you in the gut Sometimes it’s a little crappy but most of the time it’s good It’s best we just stay happy and doin' what we should. Now I’ve been around for quite awhile Eighty six years or so and I’ve found that it’s not worth it to go chasin' after dough It’s best to just create things and have some loyal friends, and see the world around you through a rose-coloured lens And if you are so lucky as to have a dear sweet wife who always cares about you through happiness and strife Well I am just that guy you see although I don’t deserve it I have the love of dear sweet Li and I will sure preserve it ."

- Barrie Farrell

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